Don’t wait for her ‘permission’ to start enjoying your life.

Mesmerising Himalayas

Has it ever happened to you? You meet an amazingly attractive girl and you find that she ‘seems’ to like your company too. It’s a beautiful connection and maybe you are even physically intimate with her. Things seem to be going really well for a few days, when suddenly her interest in you seems to fade away and you stop hearing from her. A few days pass and you begin to worry. But you try to stay strong and resolve to not ‘give in’. You decide to wait until she calls you. You have learnt from your previous mistake with the last girl of calling her a hundred times, to which she never responded back.

In the meantime as you wait for her reply your worries are taking it’s toll. You are not living your life. You are slowly cutting yourself away from your life – your hobbies, your interests and instead waiting for her in silent desperation. You feel confused. It seems as if all the colour in life has faded and only hearing from her will bring back that joy and colour back into your life. Maybe you can relate to this situation even as you read.

You see my dear friend, this kind of an approach, even though most romantic songs and movies teach us something along the lines of – Oh baby, you drive me crazy! Without you life has no meaning!” is one of the WORST mindsets with which to engage and communicate with women. The most you will achieve with this is a, “Let’s just be friends“. Maybe you have already experienced this and you find yourself nodding in agreement?

So what should you do when she isn’t replying back? Is there an empowering response to such a situation? Of course there is! And that is what I would like to explore with you and teach you. How do you take all this ‘stuck’ energy and thought patterns and re-fine it, re-cycle it and re-use it in such a way that you move closer and closer to the kind of attractive man you envision yourself becoming who easily and magnetically draws even hotter women to him in future? You see, what you do with your mind, your body and your energy is CRUCIAL in difficult life situations. It is THE difference between struggling in a state of despair/depression or cruising the wave of confusion and chaos with skill and precision and coming out of it with a quiet mind, a grounded body and believe it or not- even subtly more attractive.